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About HCV/Section 8





In order for a family to be eligible for the HCV program and receive assistance they must meet the requirements below.


Income Limits

Households must meet income limits established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to be eligible for the Housing Choice Voucher Program.  Income limits are subject to change without notice. (Last Updated: 2022)


1 Person

2 Persons

3 Persons

4 Persons

5 Persons

6 Persons

7 Persons

8 Persons










Citizenship or Eligible Immigrant Status

Assistance is limited to U.S. citizens and specified categories of non-citizens who have eligible immigration status.


Criminal History

HAHC requests a criminal background check for all household members 18 years of age and older for any criminal records.  An applicant will be denied automatically if:

  1. Applicant has a lifetime listing on the sex offender registry.
  2. Applicant has sold/manufactured methamphetamine.

All other criminal activity will be assessed and considered in accordance with the Administrative Plan.


Debts Owed

HAHC will deny eligibility to an Applicant owing money to HAHC or another housing authority if the debt is not repaid in full within 30 days.


It is the responsibility of current applicants to keep their contact information updated with Housing Authority of Henry County.  Failure to do so could result in cancellation from the Housing Choice Voucher Program waiting list. If changes occur, contact the office at 309-852-2801.  Letters updating your current position on the waiting list will be sent out in March of every year.



Initial Interview

When an applicant’s name comes to the top of the list, they will be scheduled for an interview. All household members, 18 years of age and older, must attend.  Applicants failing to appear at a scheduled interview will be removed from the HCV Program Waiting List. Applicants are given 2 chances to appear. Interviews last approximately 1 hour.

Applicants are sent (via USPS mail) a scheduled appointment date and a checklist of documentation needed for verification. At the scheduled appointment, Applicants will return to HAHC to attend a group interview to determine their eligibility.  Everyone 18 years of age or older living in the household MUST attend the interview and supply all verification from the checklist that applies to them.  Letters used for verification must be on original letterhead paper and NOT older than 30 days. Forms authorizing the Housing Authority to obtain information regarding income and assets are signed by the Applicant. A release form is also signed by the Applicant and each member 18 years of age and older to check criminal records.

Orientation/HCV Program Briefing

When Applicants are certified as eligible for the HCV Program, they must attend a group orientation/briefing.  During the orientation, the Housing Choice Voucher program is explained by the HCV Coordinator.  The program requirements and the responsibilities of both tenants and landlords will be discussed. If all the necessary documentation was presented at the interview and the Applicant has met all program requirements, a voucher is issued for 60 days at the orientation and the Applicant may begin their search for housing. Please note that the Orientation/HCV Program Briefing can be scheduled up to 30 days after the Interview.




How can I update my application? How can I add a family member to the application? etc…

Answer: We accept your application as is. When your name is called to be interviewed for the program, you can update the information at that time. The only information that needs to be updated for you to remain on the waiting list is your contact information. As an applicant on the HAHC waiting list, you MUST keep our office up to date on your current mailing address and/or telephone number. When your name is pulled from the list to receive a voucher, we will contact you through mail. This is why it is very important to keep us informed.

I was 99 on the waitlist 6 months ago, but I'm 103 now.  How can that be?

Answer: It is possible that applicants who applied after you have more preference points and was moved ahead of you on the list.  The HAHC, as do most housing authorities, have a board approved list of preference points to prioritize service to local and working/disabled households or individuals.  See the list for more details.